Historical Restoration & Tuckpointing

 With our complete masonry repair and repointing solution, we also offer a range of tuckpointing solutions and leave your property looking as good as the day it was built. We worked with countless home owners and commercial clients. Historical restorations and brick repairs lay down the foundation of our business. Service with expertise and pride. 

Tuckpointing Benefits

  • Restores Brickwork back to original condition.
  • Protects against damp
  • Improves the appearance
  • Prevents bowing of brick work
  • Restores th integrity of the building
  • Prevent rusting of wall ties
  • Increases the value of the property

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Why Choose the ConstructART Tuckpointing Solution?

Tuckpointing is a final end process after the mortar replacement and repair of brick joints, when the lines of the brickwork are enhanced with lines( white or black etc. ) for aesthetic purposes giving a higher definition to the brickwork.
This tuckpointing procedure will value add your building by preserving the original design and the historical character and integrity of the site.

Our team have the necessary attention to detail and high level of skills and workmanship, to ensure a professional result in all tuckpointing procedures when restoring your period home.

During the tuckpointing procedure, the brick cleaning is performed before the pointing is carried out. The mortar lines (tuck) are applied to the brickwork, mixed with a glue based coating to enhance the new tuckpointed brickwork.

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When it comes to brickwork repointing and tuckpointing solutions, the services offered by ConstructART are second to none.
We proudly stand by our reputation as Toronto’s preferred tuckpointing experts, with a commitment to offering our clients a complete range of tuckpointing, repointing and brickwork repair solutions that represent excellent quality and value for money.
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